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Mexico / Mazatlan / El Cid El Moro Beach

El Cid El Moro Beach

Property ID: 1844
Address: Avenida Camarón Sábalo Mazatlán Sinaloa 82110 Mexico 
Phone: 669-9896969

When you are interested in experiencing the true flavor of Mexico, there's no better place than Mazatlan and El Cid El Moro Beach.Mazatlan is built along a peninsula with spacious, sunny, sandy beaches, lapped by the waves. Enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea. Admire the spectacular sunsets over the blue Pacific Ocean, take a romantic sunset cruise, a walk along the boardwalk or just give yourself some time to rest. Mazatlan is unique among Mexican vacation destinations that have a commercial port in operation. It is home to the largest shrimp fleet in the Pacific, it has a brewery, a coffee plant and other important industries. Mazatlan has the highest lighthouse in the world and has the only theater in a beach destination in Mexico, Explore the old town with its colorful buildings and churches of the 19th century.

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  • Check-In: 16:00
  • Check-Out: 12:00
  • To arrange transportation: e-mail, or call 1877/322-1881 (USA), at least 48 hrs prior to arrival.
  • Check-In Days: Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday (for 7-night stays); Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (for stays less than 7-night stays)
  • After Hours Instructions: Contact the hotel if you anticipate arriving at a different time/date than what is indicated
This is a/an Optional All-Inclusive Resort.  Additional all-inclusive package fees are optional and are not included in the price of accommodation. Any all-inclusive fees are to be paid directly to the resort at or before check-in. Guests may not be able to purchase food or drink at a resort if he or she chooses not to pay the optional all-inclusive fee.
Fees, terms and conditions of packages covered by an all-inclusive fee are based on check-in day, determined solely by the resort, and are subject to change at any time.
For more information on All-Inclusive fees at this resort, please view the Unit Info Tab
Mandatory fee:
  • State Lodging tax is 3% ask resort for currency type.
Resort fee:
  • Resort amenities fee is 8.00 U.S. dollars.  (Daily fee for Gym.)
Policy restrictions:
  • Unit maximum occupancy is strictly enforced.
Other Information:
  • 1 in 4 rule applies.
  • Pet Information: Animals are not permitted; could result in forfeiture of the unit and/or other penalties.
  • Timeshare owners in Mazatlan are not allowed to book into this resort.No more than three concurrent or consecutive weeks allowed to be confirmed.
  • 1 in 4 year rule is waived for members traveling in 2014 between the following dates:April 26th- July 12th and from August 16th thru December 20th.
  • El Cid Vacations Club members cannot confirm units using extra vacations, if required please contact an El Cid vacations Guide for further information. All violations will be cancelled.
  • Fees or deposits are charged for some amenities.
  • El Cid owners are waived from the 1 in 4 year rule only for regular exchanges. All restrictions are checked by name and RCI ID number, so they also apply to members that confirm on other accounts as guests.
  • Occupancy limits are strictly enforced: could result in forfeiture of the unit and/or other penalties.

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