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What if you could take everything Africa has to offer (exotic animals, mountains, deserts, grasslands, lush rainforests, sandy beaches, coral reefs) and place it all into a single, solitary destination? Then you would have Kenya, an enchanting country where the Kodak moments are constant, and every activity conjures a memory you'll never forget.

Safari at a Kenyan national park. Snorkel in a crystal-clear marine preserve. Soak up the Kenyan culture at an old town market - or on an anaconda-seeking Amazonian river cruise.

Malindi is a great place to set up camp for your trip of a lifetime. Many resorts here offer everything you'd want in a beach vacation: scuba diving, boating, deep-sea fishing, multiple on-site pools and more. Then there are the "extras" that virtually every Endless Vacation Rentals resort provides: spacious accommodations with the comforts of home.

When you're ready, Malindi's European Center and its array of restaurants, clubs and casinos, offers the opportunity to eat, drink and dance the night away. For even more adventure, hop a plane and puddle jump to the island of Lamu, where you'll a precious jewel unspoiled by modern man.

Check out our list of incredible resorts, and start planning your next Kenya vacation adventure.
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